23 May 2009

White chocolate plastic discovery

So I've got this awesome new recipe for white chocolate plastic roses that I've found is basically a substitute for fondant. The coolest part is that it's much easier to make (just appeals and corn syrup) and tastes good (unlike most fondant). It's like play-dough when you're shaping it and then it hardens up when you leave it out. But is still completely malleable when it's cut through or squished again! Yay!

So far I've played with making these roses... but more to come!

These are some more cupcakes I made at work.

And batcakes the remix... I think I like the decals smaller like this.

12 May 2009

Pink Velvet!

So, I made this Pink Velvet Raspberry Cake at work the other day... check it out!
The roses were the most fun part, but I really liked doing the icing this way too :)

My boss coached me through the whole process of stacking the cake with the pillars inside, then taking it apart to cut it up (my least favorite part by far!). It was so nerve wracking! but it worked out just fine!

Here's a cross-section into the cake. The color baked a little funny. (I made a red velvet cake recipe but used half the amount of red food coloring to go for a pink color. When I've made this in the past it is definitely red all the way through with the normal amount of food coloring but this time around the edges it stayed brownish. Perhaps it's necessary to use a full amount to get an even color.)

Here's the product we sold at the bakery. Unfortunately cakes don't sell whole very well so I had to cut it up, which was really good practice as well.

What an adventure... the entire cake process.
Now, what to make next...

02 May 2009

Novelty Cupcakes!

For all you Nintendo fans...
Check out these awesome Mario Bros. inspired cupcakes I made at work!

This is the Mario cupcake.
I used colored rolled fondant to make the decals on top.

Anyone care for a 1-up (green mushroom)?

Here's the Luigi cupcake.


I'd like to retry these sometime because the yellow got too thick for these and the black fondant got kinda tacky when I was shaping it. Next time I'd also like to have an actual cookie cutter for the bats. They were really hard to cut out with a knife, but it was worth it.
(The 8 bat-cakes sold in one day! And the Mario Bros. were gone in 2 days!)