28 October 2009

Post Baked

These cupcakes were made over a year ago, but I just stumbled upon their delightful little photo shoot and found them to be worthy of note here. I went a little crazy the summer before last and made 3 different cupcake batters and LOTS of frosting in all different flavors and colors. I added sprinkles, and ~voila!

Here's a little cake I made even longer ago!

If I'm not mistaken, it was German Chocolate with my first chocolate ganache icing, so much fun! It doesn't look too bad either for a first and the coconut was a good trick as well.

These "cutie pies" have become a signature delicacy of mine. I'm not sure where I got the idea, but it was a couple years ago when I first made them and they're quite a hit at the bakery and with friends.

They're pie-on-the-go!
These are made with blackberry pie filling, but they're great for pumpkin and pecan as well. (Whipped cream can also be added for a little extra special touch.) Here's the secret...!

09 October 2009

Wedding Cake

This cake was crazy easy...and it was actually my very own wedding cake!

Hard to believe that it was one of the easiest "creations by caro" but like the wedding I wanted, it was pretty chill. And very tasty!